Black & White VS. Color

Good morning! So today, I have decided to show y’all some of my pictures! Black & white compared to color.  🙂 All pictures have been taken by me.




This picture right here is one of my absolute favorites! In fact, I have the black & white version as my background screen on my iPhone right now. This picture is a great example of the difference between color. In my opinion, I think the black & white version is better than the color version just because it gives off a really cool vibe. What do you think?


“Rain drops”

With this picture, I think it really depends on what you are using it for. Black & white might be great for one thing but not great for another thing, same goes for color. I really like the black & white because of how well you can see the rain droplets and I really like the colored version because how well the color pops. So with a picture like this, you really need to think about it. Weigh the pros and cons to decide which would be a better option. Which one is your favorite?


“Oak Tree”

This picture is pretty easy for me to choose which one I like more. The colored version. It has a gorgeous color for the sky and the oak tree really blends in well with its fall color. The black & white one is okay. To me it seems to plain. Like it needs something. However, it still is a great picture and some people do like these type of shots. Which one do you like more?


Well that’s all for this post! If you enjoyed these photos then please like the post.  🙂  Also, don’t be shy! Leave a comment and answer the questions in bold. I really want your opinions on these pictures!





3 thoughts on “Black & White VS. Color

  1. Hey Sky,

    I have always been in conflict between the right time to choose black n white or when to just go with the color; I really think it is artistic preference. Sometimes black n white gives the picture the direction and highlights the character but sometimes color brings things to life; Nice pictures you have here! For the 1st one, I immediately went with the black n white; especially with consideration to how you figuratively named it. For the 2nd one, the rain drops go pop but I can not decide. For the 3rd one, I do like the color, why hide all of that ?

    Just my opinion of course, Have a blessed day!
    ~ Authen

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    1. Thanks for the feedback! I really agree with you on all of that. I think the 3rd picture looks best with color also. The black & white looks a little too plain in that one!

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