My Goals

Hiya! So last night I stayed up kind of later watching Netflix (as usual) and I started thinking about today’s (October 25th) quote. If you read the post then you would know that its all about goals to me. I decided that I want to share my goals with you all. Normally, this isn’t something I would do but I’m hoping maybe this will help me with completing these goals and inspire all of you to make your own goals.


  1. Become a better blogger
  2. Get better at my writing (spelling, punctuations)
  3. Get more camera equipment (lighting, backdrops)
  4. Get a job at Starbucks this summer!
  5. Start my YouTube channel
  6. Buy my own website (for this blog!)
  7. Make blogging and YouTube career


So there you go! That’s my goals. If I think of anymore I will make sure to add them.  🙂

I will be making another post later today! Make sure you check it out. It’s kind of an important post to me so it’s definitely something I want y’all to see. I hope you all have a great day!





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