October 25th, 2016

Hope y’all have an amazing and terrific Tuesday! 

I chose this quote because….

This quote is something I think about everyday. I’m very big on having goals and this quote is what keeps me on track. My goal, at the moment, is to become a good blogger.

Do you have any goals? If so, what’s one of them?




5 thoughts on “October 25th, 2016

  1. Hi Sky, you know I never really said that I wanted to become a good blogger as a goal, I get it makes me question exactly what I want to be here, not simply what I want to do. I have many goals but one of them would be to get into my first apartment before the holidays get here.

    ~ Authen

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    1. Hey Authen! That is a great goal. I hope you get an apartment soon! Like I said I’m a very goal oriented person and becoming a better blogger is something that I try to work on everyday. 🙂

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