I was called a hoe…(rant)

Hey readers! So today I want to talk about something I wouldn’t normally talk about. This is something that should be talked about more often in my opinion.

So a few days ago one of my followers and his friends started calling me a hoe because of my Instagram pictures. Now if you have seen my Instagram pictures you would know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them whatsoever.

Some of my Instagram pictures.

If you scroll through my pictures you will see that once in awhile I will post a picture of my body. I’m not ashamed of my body. In fact, I’m actually really proud of it. I have worked hard to get and keep a flat stomach. Sometimes I like to show it off and that definitely does not make me a hoe. Another thing you might see once in awhile is a picture of me showing some cleavage. That’s another thing I’m not ashamed of. A girl has boobs. Get over it. It definitely doesn’t make you a hoe.

I honestly feel like people that is calling other people hoes don’t even know what hoe even means. 😂 So I’m going to help y’all out.

Here’s the definition for you.

In my opinion, you don’t have the right to call anyone a hoe. Especially if you don’t really know that person. Just remember everyone, that words do hurt and some people really do take those words to heart. So think before you say.

Have a great Christmas (or Hanukah) everybody! ❤️


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