Hiya everyone! So today I’m going to share my opinion on tattoos and what tattoos I want.

I love tattoos..a lot! I think they are really creative and most of the time really beautiful. I love the idea of putting something that means a lot to me permanently on my body. Not a lot of people know this but once I turn 18 I’m going to get my tattoo license and become a cosmetic tattoo artist.

Below are some pictures of tattoos I really like and might someday get.

Some other tattoos I want that I don’t have pictures of is:

  • Dog paws down the side of my leg (maybe)
  • Small heart on my wrist
  • Harry Potters scar in white ink on the side of my wrist
  • Maybe a colorful sleeve?
  • Small palm tree behind my ear

Anyways that what I want for some of my tattoos. If you want a tattoo or have a tattoo comment below what it is!


If you have notice, I haven’t been blogging everyday. At the moment it is impossible with the school I’m going to. I will be transferring schools soon so I should have more time. For now I will be blogging every other day. Make sure before you leave my blog to like my post and subscribe. It would mean sooooo much!

Next blog post hint: Piercings




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